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    My 40th Batam Trip Summary (on June 2017)

    My 40th Batam Trip Summary
    (from 7th June to 9th June 2017)

    Reference link : 39th Batam Trip Summary

    June,its the 2017 Ramadan Month. Upon checking in,i was given 2 Break Fast dinner voucher.

    I mean beside just the 2 Break Fast dinner,there was also breakfast voucher to be use in morning too. Consider it a bonus,and saved 89k rupiah. I remember I didn't try the Ramadan dinner last year nor the one before last,so this year thought I should give it a shot.

    That's how the dinner was like....very unlike the regular buffet set up during breakfast time.

    Food wise was pretty average,very local style...and apparently the restaurant isn't crowded at all during dinner time. Its more of like a "3pm tea break time" to me....hehehe...


    Exchange rate like all the other Ramadan years,isnt exactly fantastic. I had a feeling that the Indo government didn't like tourist to step into Indoneisa. Exchange rate was about 9500/SGD...and I change quite a bit tho. No matter how high or low it is,i need to buy my stuffs in Batam,hence I changed quite abit in this trip...hehehe...

    Sorry, not intending to show the pics in a public forum,but someone stingy,i rarely change this much and especially at a time of the year when exchange rate do not favor SGD. I happen to find this pics in my hp camera as my girl wish to take the photos of the money so I thought I would post it to keep record too,hehehe...for memories.

    Use part of my money to buy combat ration...

    The pic only show 50% of the ration (excluding toiletries which wasn't shown),....oh,and one of the Pop Mie was spoilt!! They were not for me,but for my girl...she told me its spoilt,hehehe...anyone, it was later thrown away.


    Watch the movie The Mummy by Tom Cruise and actually dozed off a bit,hehehe...

    Maybe becos it was due to our late lunch just before the movie...

    Not exactly cheap for a lunch for 2 pax tho...cannot remember the price but its definitely above 100k for 2 person.

    I am almost sure I wont be returning back to eat anymore (unless someone treat me,hehehe...),hence I didn't collect the receipt. It may look cheap in appearance but inside it may not be. Notice how Nagoya Hill Mall do business?

    Surprisingly,during a Ramadan day time...this restaurant is quite crowded (but covered up),hehehe....competition between restaurants nearby were stiff. The staffs were mostly black-faced,and nearly all of them has those don't-fuck-care attitude. All food took at least 35 mins to come to the table.

    All the bad points stated didn't exactly bother me since its Ramadan time becos I notice most restaurants at this time of the year were mostly like that, my lesson learned here is , next year Ramadan i will try to eat in a less crowded eateries or restaurants.

    My mood however is good during the meal in this Malaya restaurant as the food taste relatively better than the Break Fast meal in Formosa,hehehe....but still,i wont be returning becos the next following day,i found something BETTER and yet cheaper.


    There is however some eating place worth mentioning tho.

    The Taiwanese Shilin Chicken chops,hehehe...

    But becos the price is almost the same and/or higher than Sillypore's Shilin,hence I gave it a miss.

    And for those who love ice cream (the edible version of course,hehehe...),here's something worth your time.

    ...even better if you are a Telkomsel sim card user who has at least 10 points in it.

    When I was in Nagoya Hill Mall on the 1st day,they were setting up a Ramadan Bazaar event...

    ...and the next day when I go there again,teh event has started.

    Apparently, business isn't fantastic...but the sale people were quite aggressive. Its also the 1st time I am being convince to buy something I don't need in Batam. I had a good bargain tho. Technically, item cost 50k,buy 3 at 150k and get 1 free...but I bargained until it becomes 3 for 100k.

    Then again,its something I don't need so I just pass it to my girl. See? I couldn't even remember what is the item I pay for...hehehe...and at that moment of paying,i have only one thing in mind.

    I wish to bring this sales person to Singapore to work for me,hehehe... thumbs up!


    The next following day (on Day 2),i chose another nearby restaurant to have my lunch. What 1st attracted me to the restaurant was their sign board outside...

    ...and then later I notice that this restaurant is very very quiet. Practically there was no customer at all.

    Batam is very unlike Sillypore,whereby the better the taste of food,the more people will be in it or be queuing. In fact,i find out that the more and better business most business entities in Batam has, service and standard of product rendered by it drops.

    Much often,i am treated like a King, got all the attention I have ever got since I am the ONLY customer in it (or the only few customer). Better service,better price,better quality of product too. Oh,and in this case of this restaurant,...better quality cheap and good food.

    ...and as for the bill....

    Not too bad for a 2 person food. Which is about 40% cheaper than the Malaya Restaurant on the previous day.

    The food served was good enough for me as an everyday food (which I can almost daily,hehehe...). Or the least, there's no hidden cost like many places in Indonesia when they claimed to be Nett Priced on the menu but yet added +10%+11% onto the total bill.

    Thumbs up to Resto Raya...


    Let me just add one more pics of Resto Raya into a post.

    Now I also don't know to wish them got better business or wish them no business,hehehe...wish them got business ,everything will soon turn out expensive and not-longer-as-good,wish them no business...later they close shop how? Lol....

    Guess I can only wish them to have sustainable-enough business.

    Clue : Please do not think this summary is just all about food. My theories (and attitude) were often mixed into the spa and massage places that I visited.

    Do I go to booking joint?

    Do I go to Massage places?

    Do I go to Men's Spa?

    My answer : YES!

    Batam is like a RPG Game,hehehe...

    In this trip,there was a slight accident which I wish to take down notes here. My girl who booked her 2 way air ticket from a certain travel agent was not able to fly back to her own hometown after reaching the airport becos the travel agent has failed to pay the airline.

    So I was pulled back to hotel when I have already physically reached Harbour Bay to prepare to return to Singapore (just step out of vehicle). I came back to hotel becos I ask my girl to come back to the same hotel from airport too. Upon reaching hotel,i book a deluxe room...well,a apparently a non-smoking one to house my girl for another night while I call the travel agent to give them a piece of my mind.

    Settled with the compensation from the travel agent before I left again for Harbour Bay. Lucky for me,i am with Formosa,a lot of things I do not need to pay and also gets to claim "extras" from the travel agent. The bad part of this incident were the time wasted...and my girl were scared the hell out as she also seldom travel out of her hometown.

    Thank heaven,all things went smoothly after travel agent arrange the next day flight and I arranged with Formosa for all the necessary transport to get her to the airport. Hehehe...I wasn't able to stay another night tho.Have to take the last ferry back. But I was kind of glad that I am able to resourcefully arrange so many things so smoothly that evening.

    This incident was a good experience for me. And if the same or similar things were to happen to me again...I am sure I will be able to do better than what I did on this trip (and in a much more gracefully way too,hehehe...).

    Thinking back while penning down this summary now still gives me a cold sweat.

    ~~~~~~~~~~End of Summary~~~~~~~~~~

    Penis for my thought :

    1. This year Ramadan was a simple 3D2N trip,but end up having to pay for 4D3N and yet be staying only 3D2N. Even tho the 3rd night was free...but still,i didn't get to enjoy that part.

    2. Booking joints were all closed from the front door,but customers were mostly brought in from the back doors.

    3. I think this Ramadan trip is pretty much similar with last few years. At least this year I get to try their Break Fast meals which I didn't get to taste it in my last few years of Ramadan trip. I learned that why were there mainly snack food rather than rice food during Break Fast time,hehehe...

    4. This trip may sound not too good,but still, its an experience to me. An experience that don't happen to everyone. An experience that doesn't kill me,an experience that makes me stronger and better.....

    I guess that's about all I need to record down in this 40th summary, shall be looking to write my 41st Batam trip summary (August trip) hereafter (more on Ex Vietnam refugee camp).

    Bye for now.
    I cannot do everything, but still I can do something;
    And because I cannot do everything I will not refuse to
    do the something that I can do.– Helen Keller

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    Question Re: My 40th Batam Trip Summary (on June 2017)

    Bro can't seem to find ur aft 40th trip to Batam esp those in 2018. Nid yr references since I'm a newbie planning for a Batam trip in Aug n u always give such great guides. Can I also use this time to ask u some qns, like when u book a girl from fk joint what can and cannot do to the girl? Like some girls might not like it if a guy eats her pussy or fingers her or are they all ok with it? Have u ever been scammed b4 like a girl jus gives the excuse that she nids to go run errand so she jus zao Aft 2 or 3 bonks. Are freelancers btr to dabao home or booking girls?

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