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3 Important Rules When Using Cloth Mask

The use of masks during a corona virus pandemic is very important. However what if surgical masks are increasingly rare and unaffordable?

Fabric masks can be the solution. Although fabric masks are not ideal or insufficient, they are used by paying attention to the 3 important rules it will be useful for inhibit the spread of the virus.

Launch the Live Science page. Tuesday a Researcher at the University of Cambridge, Anna Davies said the fabric mask functions offered limited protection. But if there are no other choices there are 3 important instructions that users must pay attention to.

1. The use of masks must be appropriate. Which is looking at the two sides of the mask. The outside must remain outside. Do not get confused.

2. The fabric mask is only disposable and must be washed immediately after worn. Washing mask functions to remove residual particles fl u that sticks to the mask.

3. How to remove the mask must be turned off. That is by holding the rope tied to the head is then pulled forward. Hand you should not try to touch the mask. Either touching or not users must wash their hands immediately with soap after removing cloth mask.

Based on the 3 rules above, Anna Davies recommends protecting themselves the only way is not to leave the house or maintain social distance. But if forced to leave the house must use a mask. If forced to mask what is used is a cloth mask, like it or not, the rules must be used.


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