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Home Business 5 Of 15 Brand Kitchen Tissue In Hong Kong Found Containing Bacteria

5 Of 15 Brand Kitchen Tissue In Hong Kong Found Containing Bacteria

Hong Kong Consumer Foundation found the amount of bacteria that exceeds the standard limits on some brands of kitchen tissue, Monday.

The Head of the Department of research and testing committee, Professor Nora Tam Fung  Yee explained that the number of bacteria in the 5 brands exceeded Chinese standards. le 200 colony forming units per gram (cfu I g), with figures ranging from 240 to 1,000 cfu I g.

These five brands include; First Choice Premium Multi-Purpose Kitchen Towel with bacteria up to 1,000 cfu I g. Followed by Select Kitchen Towel, Naxos Kitchen Towel, Best Buy Kitchen Towel, and Freesia Kitchen Towel.

“Tissue paper is not a daily product that is produced through aseptic processes, the level of cleanliness must be a concern of consumers,” Tam said as quoted by the South China Morning Post.

“The amount of bacteria that is too high can be dangerous for health, because these bacteria can cause bacterial contamination of food. Those who have a low immune system should be more vigilant Tam added

With this finding, observers from the Hong Kong Consumer Foundation appealed to residents to be more careful in choosing and using kitchen tissues considering that this item is one of the important needs in households in Hong Kong.

The Foundation also recommends that consumers choose products that have received certification from the Food Safety Agency. In addition they also suggested not to reuse paper that has been used and throw it away. This can prevent bacteria from spreading bacteria. New kitchen tissue paper should be stored in a clean and not damp place, while products that have been opened must be kept away from the kitchen sink and counter where raw food is prepared.

At present the Foundation has reported this finding to the Customs and Excise Department for further action.


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