That’s only one of many new attributes Real Doll intends to roll out with its most complex line of “love dolls. Abyss Creations creator Matt McCullen told the Mirror the sex dolls, that will be released would have hyper-realistic characteristics, heat, and detectors that responded to touch. They’d also have “ totally working genitalia,” which we presume means realistic vaginas that get all the other interesting and yeast infections and intervals vagina matters.

He elaborated to the Mirror which he needs the dolls to be clearly enjoying a sexual meeting.

Besides the terrifying consequences about the singularity, these Real Dolls may be a great idea in a culture in which guys are already motivated to handle girls as things that are inanimate.

We’re dreaming of a future in which guys must find out the best way to ask for and try to find authorization—or at least enjoyment—from a doll before attempting to get it from a human girl. Bring on 2017!

The most realistic real doll <<<<