It is the stuff of science fiction. But could a world in which robots are in call and our sexual beck be nearer than we believe? What would that mean for our sex lives and for humanity? We simply do not have the technology to create robots that can function as sex partners that are realistic, but we may be getting nearer.

Although in the first phases, makers of life size sex dolls are experimenting with technology that will imbue them with artificial intelligence. The emerging discipline of claytronics may enable users to software 3D items, possibly including humanoid renderings which could be utilized among other things, for sex, based on Carnegie Mellon University computer engineering professor Seth Goldstein.

As a sex therapist, I am also intrigued by the ways human sexuality might be transformed by robotics. Together with engineering challenges, sex robots raise numerous philosophical and ethical concerns for couples, people and therapists. Here are some of the facets of sex that is future that my co-workers and I are pondering.

Who might reap the benefits of sex robots?

Part of a subject named technosexuality, the hypothetical uses of sex robots and relevant goods, appear never-ending. I really could see couples using them to enact dreams, including a threesome, that they may not feel comfortable attempting with actual folks.

A robot could enable them to enjoy a fulfilling sex life without roaming if one partner has a higher libido. And robots might help couples break out of sex ruts with the addition of spice to their relationship or keeping long distance love affairs.

“Robots may even be helpful for virgins or for people who have social anxiety wishing to obtain practice before really having sex using a partner,” sex therapist Holly Richmond said.

In addition they demonstrate promise for people that have physical or mental impairments which could impede their skill to locate sexual partners, individuals who are socially isolated or live in rural areas, and anyone who can not or does not desire to join with others closely.

“Technosexuality could possibly open up sexual encounters to everyone,” Tuckman said. “Even folks who apparently have limited alternatives.”

How could sex therapists be helped by robots?

Similarly, relevant technologies and robots could offer real advantages to those of us working to help folks handle sexual concerns.
Ideally, robots would be an expansion of therapists used together with professional guidance in place of in place of it.

Individuals might use robots to act out their dreams that are darker like pedophilia, rape and brutal sex.
However, is that always an issue? If we direct our taboo want through robots, are we feeding the craving or reaching some type of catharsis that is safer?

Does sex using a robot make up cheating?

Though there is much about technosexuality that is still not known, it is clear that such improvements will certainly affect monogamy: Couples will have to reassess the method by which they define infidelity.

Some will likely view sex using a robot as a danger to their relationship, though others are going to see it as an enjoyable add-on. As we have had to fix our relationships to deal with social media, strip clubs and Internet porn, couples will have to possess honest conversations about the best way to browse this brave new world.

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