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Jacob Harold, Vice President of International News Network

Aiden Caitlin, Director of Editorial Ethics

Iona Emilia — Director of Online Media

Saskia Zara — Director of Media Relations


Eugene Cain — Lead Editor and Investigative

Rafael Ryan — Journalist, Human Resource Manager

Ben Wesley — Journalist, On Ground Supervisor

Ami Jevgēņija Vörös – Journalist, On Ground Supervisor

Lachlan Angela – Online Journalist

Lillian Margie – Online Journalist

Karen Josephine – Online Journalist

Abdullah Patrick — Online Journalist

Brandon Charles – Online Journalist

Jun Irenka Faucher – Online Journalist

Hashim Conner – Online Producer


Tamara Annie — Managing Editor

Brianna Melody — Senior Editor

Carrie Lee — Senior Editor

Elsie Khadija — Junior Editor


Crystal Kathleen — Managing Editor, Investigative

Maria Ruth – Online Journalist, Investigative

Kimi Fabian — Online Journalist, Investigative

Louis Vincent — Online Journalist, Investigative

Kiera Isabelle – Online Journalist, Investigative


Yukio Otto — Research Manager, Online Reviewer

Young Liam — Online Review Editor, Online Reviewer

Charlie Lukas — Online Reviewer

Josiah Ralph — Online Reviewer

Sun Sara — Online Reviewer

Amie Ida — Online Reviewer

Haruki Herman — Online Reviewer

Ayla Cerys — Online Reviewer

Elsie Jessica — Online Reviewer

Aminah Amelia — Online Reviewer


Faye Tanya — Director, Video Editing

Róza Mariska Baxter — Director, Video Editing

Jay Zahra — Director, Video Editing

Karl Livianus Pelley — Online Video Producer, Video Editing

Lukas Ricky — Online Video Producer, Video Editing

Eun Ethan — Online Video Producer, Video Editing

Jintao Casey – Online Video Producer, Video Editing

Eddie Theodore — Online Video Producer, Video Editing


Samuel Damion Cavallo — Managing Editor, Social Media

Hùng Ziska Müller — Social Media Co-coordinator