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Countries To Block Black Market Phones That Do Not Have IMEI

Three government agencies, namely the Ministry of Industry, the Ministry of Information Communication and the Ministry of Trade will issue a joint...

Taiwan Has The Fastest Internet Speed In The World

Taiwan is currently ranked first as having the fastest internet in the world in the “Globa| League" ranking created by the online...

Zoom, A Corona Virus Solution For Everyone Working From Home

The corona virus epidemic is sweeping the world everyone seize the opportunity to gather online. However, like other people...

Is FaceApp Dangerous And A Danger To Your Privacy?

The application to convert a face photo into old age (FaceApp) has returned to viral on social media. Netizens in various parts...

Stock Of Beef And Fresh Lamb In Hong Kong Are In Scarcity

Supply of fresh Hong Kong beef and lamb sold out and become scarce as well as pork since Tuesday.

5 Of 15 Brand Kitchen Tissue In Hong Kong Found Containing Bacteria

Hong Kong Consumer Foundation found the amount of bacteria that exceeds the standard limits on some brands of kitchen tissue, Monday.

New Technology Will Be Implemented In Every Public Toilet, Hong Kong

The Department of Environmental and Food Hygiene will apply new watering technology to public toilets in Hong Kong. The project will spend...

Centre For Health Protection: 16 Cases Dengue And Chikungunya Virus In Hong Kong Imported From Indonesia Thailand And Malaysia

The Center for Health Protection (CHP) from the Ministry of Health on Friday reported a number of recent dengue fever (DF) and...

Don’t Use Mask More Than Six Hours

Since the discovery of the Coronavirus Novel (2019-NCov) or better known as the Corona Virus at the end of December 2019, the...

Why Women Are More Easily Triggered When Her Menses Comes

Every woman has different uniqueness and endurance when passing through menstruation. the natural process of women at this productive age often must...




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