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Home News & Politics Breaking up the Covid-19 Transmission Chain, Singapore Quarantine 20,000 Migrant Workers

Breaking up the Covid-19 Transmission Chain, Singapore Quarantine 20,000 Migrant Workers

Singapore quarantined 20,000 migrant workers in its construction sector
stay in two dorms for the next 14 days, Tuesday.

The quarantine itself was carried out because the Singapore authorities had
found 120 new cases of Covid-19. on Sunday. Most of the from the new case found in migrant worker dorms.

Josephine Teo, Singapore’s Minister of Manpower said. Aim this quarantine is held to ensure everyone’s health.

“The main purpose of all these actions is to ensure health and everyone’s welfare. Not only Singapore citizens. But also foreign workers who are here. help our economy, and their employer, “Josephine said. Monday.

The Singapore government also confirmed that during the quarantine period
the migrant worker will continue to be paid, and ensures that he will give
food aid, medical. and other needs.

The hostel that was isolated was the S11 dormitory in Punggol and the Westlite Toh Dormitory

Guan The hostel is the residence of migrant workers from the Asian region

One of the dormitories is home to 13,000 workers and there are 63
Covid-19 case. The other hostel was occupied by 6,800 workers and was found
28 cases of corona virus.

Meanwhile. Raina Lestari as Head of the Indonesian Embassy in Singapore’s Social and Political Affairs Office, told BBC News Indonesia said that there were no migrant workers from Indonesia (PMI)
affected in this case.


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