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Check Plane Tickets That Have Been Book So You Will Not Be Scammed

To avoid fraud. after buying plane tickets both online and through travel agents we can check whether the tickets we just ordered are in accordance with passenger data that will fly or have been paid or not.

How to check by looking at the proof of flight ticket reservations that are usually printed booking code or called PNR (Passenger Name Record) which can be checked through the official website of the airline concerned. PNR is a unique code that contains information about passenger data and also selected flight schedules. Lf the flight ticket is lost, potential passengers can still get a ticket back by entering the booking code on the official airline website that is used to get e-tickets that can be directly printed or sent via email. For checking methods can be seen and traced easily through the Google page and the official website of the airline.

As technology advances, almost all activities can be carried out with the help of the internet. Starting from sending money, buying clothes, ordering home appliances, paying water and electricity bills in the village to buying plane tickets.

With the height and the large number of people who need to travel by plane and order tickets easily, more and more online travel agents are providing cheap plane tickets.

However, this certainly also requires that all PMI be more careful and alert when they have to buy plane tickets online alone or with the help of travel agents because many cyber criminals and fraudsters are ready to do many things to deceive their victims.

So that PMI does not get fooled and can get cheap airline tickets online, here are tips for safe buying plane tickets online that can be a guide.

1. Buy on Websites and Trusted Travel Agents Today, there are countless online travel agents and websites that sell plane tickets to various destinations. Make sure to only buy on the website and trusted travel agents.

2. Look for reviews on the Internet and from other friends who have already booked. To ascertain whether travel agents and online websites are trusted or not, you can look for reviews from people who have already bought plane tickets on these agents and websites. From the review can be taken a decision whether to buy at the place or choose another.

3. Fair Ticket Prices the reasonable price here is the average price for the desired route. Lf there is a travel agent or online website that sells below the average price or the price is too cheap, you should be aware. Do not be

 4. Varied Payment Options Travel agents and trusted online websites usually have many payment options to make it easy for customers to pay for tickets. Starting from ATM transfers to payment via credit cards and provide proof of payment either via sms or email that can be printed.

5. Adequate Support When ordering a ticket; pay attention to the customer service section that is ready to help if there are difficulties or problems during the booking process. Trusted travel agents and online websites usually include clear telephone numbers and operating hours, even with a chat box that makes it easy for customers to ask about the ticket purchase process at the travel agent and the web.


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