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Facebook Launches New Features for WhatsApp

Facebook changes the privacy settings on its WhatsApp messaging application, to allow its users to decide who can add them to the chat group on Wednesday (3r4r201 9).

According to the news reported by REUTERS. WhatsApp’s new feature is Facebook’s attempt to change its image after the issue of privacy violations is increasingly growing among its users. WhatsApp, which has around 1.5 billion users has tried to find ways to stop app abuse and overcome global concerns that the platform is widely used to spread fake news. Manipulate photos, videos without context and audio deception without a way to monitor the origin or full reach them.

The messaging service will also limit how many users can forward messages that they receive in an effort to reject the development of “misinformation and rumors”.

Previously, concerns about handling Facebook’s personal information had grown since the world’s largest social network admitted in March that millions of users‘data had been harvested incorrectly by political consultant Cambridge Analytical.

In a post on its official page. WhatsApp said users who invite other people to the group will be asked to send private invitations via individual chat. Giving recipients the choice of whether to join the group or not. The request will expire in three days.

The new WhatsApp setup was launched and trialed on Wednesday (armors) for some of its users and will soon be available worldwide in the coming weeks. Until now WhatsApp is seen as the main tool for communication and trade in many countries after it was officially acquired by Facebook in 2014.


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