[Info/Guide] 7 Reasons Why Men Do Not to Approach You


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Did you ever wonder why men do not approach you very often? Maybe we can give you the answers....

Reason not to approach you #1: There's always a group of friends around you
When a woman has a circle of friends around her, men realize that they will be judged from the moment they approach her. It is hard enough to approach one woman, let alone a whole group of them.

Reason not to approach you #2: You are too sexy
When a man feels that a woman is too attractive for him, he instantly assumes that he does not stand a chance or he simply feels too embarrassed. This is also the most common reason that women use for improving their self-esteem.

Reason not to approach you #3: You are a little drunk
When a woman is a bit drunk she gets very confident which sometimes means that she starts to act in an awkward or unpleasant way. These kinds of girls are usually approached by men who have only one thing on their mind.

Reason not to approach you #4: You give off bad vibes
A smile on your face looks very inviting while an angry and detached look can be very unattractive. If you want to be approached by someone, put a pleasant expression on your face and try to look positive.

Reason not to approach you #5: There's a man standing beside you
If you bring a date, even if it is your relative, you may give out signs that you are in a relationship. Some men could still bother to ask you about your relationship status, but most of them will pass you for someone who looks more available.

Reason not to approach you #6: You are wearing a ring
When there is a big diamond ring on your wedding finger it may look like you are not available anymore.

Reason not to approach you #7: You look really busy
It is easier to approach a woman that looks bored and can hardly wait to start talking to somebody. If she is, for example, reading a book, having a phone conversation or if her attention is focused on the laptop, it looks like she is too busy and nobody will want to disturb her.