[Info/Guide] Do You Have a Neurotic Partner


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Neurotics constantly change their desires
Strong ambivalence or oscillation, or in other words, indecision or vacillation between desires and needs, causes contradictory views on a person’s sex life, his or her sexual partner and the person himself/herself. In their love and sexual relationship, such people have great problems because they constantly change their desires. Once they feel a strong desire to have sexual intercourse with their partner and then reject the partner without any real reason. The same goes for their emotions. Once they’re happy, kind, loving and affectionate and then cold, alienated, insolent and perhaps even rude. These are the character’s emotions that influence how a neurotic person perceives himself/herself, meaning that once he or she feels self-confident and successful in life and other times he or she feels very depressed and is burdened with doubts that he or she’s a loser. Neurotic ambivalence impedes the establishment of a meaningful relationship, but can be treated by a psychiatrist.

A neurotic choice of a sexual partner
This neurotic behavior is typical of a neurotic personality. A neurotic person establishes a sexual relationship with a person who makes him or her feel very safe, or sees in the person certain characteristics he or she doesn’t have. An insecure person likes to choose an authoritative partner to guide his or her weak personality. An individual with a lack of self-confidence seeks a partner who he or she’ll be able to surpass intellectually. In extreme cases, such a person seeks an extremely unattractive and possibly physically impaired person or a person with above average intellectual abilities. For instance, a sadistically oriented person needs a masochistic partner. In general, the partners who have a problem with neurosis are compatible in terms of their negative characteristics, which is the reason that their relationship doesn’t work. A successful relationship requires the harmony of healthy and constructive personality characteristics.

Neurotic love
Naturally, this kind of love is overshadowed by the characteristics of a neurotic personality, which means that love in fact isn’t real, but fake and emotionally confused and has no real future. This is reflected in ambivalence towards the sexual partner. Rejection arises together with a desire for the partner, while a need for emotional surrender is accompanied by distrust. A person burdened with neurotic love is very difficult to handle for the partner because he or she constantly changes his or her mind. His or her mood changes form cheerful to angry, which confuses and distresses the partner, especially if the partner has no idea what’s the reason. A neurotic person therefore prefers to establish contact with another neurotic because they have similar characteristics and best understand each other. What kills them in fact makes them stronger.

Neurotic jealousy
Men who envy the success of their partner very often feel jealousy, especially if they’re more educated and make more money. They’re dissatisfied with their sexual partner and feel deprived and ignored in the relationship when the partner is generally more successful, achieves better business results and, for instance, gains wider social recognition. A man troubled by neurotic jealousy may turn into an aggressive person and a partner who starts ignoring his woman and wishes bad things to happen to her. In an extreme form, he may also abuse alcohol, sleep with other women, defy his partner on a subconscious level and quarrel with her.

Neurotic masturbation
A mentally healthy person masturbates because of pleasure, need and relief, while a neurotic person masturbates to hide the real problems and divert attention away from them by masturbation. A person who masturbates suppresses various unpleasant feeling by masturbation and doesn’t enjoy it at all. This often happens to teenagers who feel that their environment doesn’t accept them and ignores them. In adults, it involves fear of sexual intercourse, even fear of women. It involves the inferiority complex and sexual insecurities. A neurotic person who masturbates in such a way, of course, diverts attention from the real problems and feels self-confident at least when he or she masturbates.