[Obvious] Doctor Extorts, Attacks Patient On The Operating Table


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A new video has surface in China, which combines a number of worst-case scenarios. At the center is a female patient in need of medical care who has been admitted to a hospital. Either she was fortunate enough to get an appointment on her own, or she was forced to pay a scalper to get a ticket to see a doctor. In the end, how she ended up on the operating table took a backseat to the fact that her surgeon, rather than providing treatment, dished out punishment.

The video was filmed covertly by one of the nurses in the operating room at a private hospital in the city of Hohhot, the capital of Inner Mongolia. While not all the details surrounding the incident have yet been revealed, and the quality of the recording (and screen grabs) is poor, enough facts exist to label this as a criminal act of negligence and violence. The female patient was lying on the operating table in only a hospital gown when the female surgeon leaned over. She holds a scalpel in her hand as she argues with her patient. Suddenly, she lashes out and slaps the patient in the face multiple times. The patient attempts to fight back, but a nurse, not the one filming, holds the patient’s arms down.

The situation escalates as the surgeon continued to slap the patient in her face and legs. Having completely forgotten her Hippocratic Oath, the physician spread the patient’s legs and slapped her inner thighs. Another physician then enters the camera’s view and does nothing to stop the abuse. According to the nurse who filmed the video, the female surgeon has a history of such behavior, and the nurse could no longer remain silent.

The entire situation erupted after the surgeon waited until the patient was naked on the operating table before asking for more money to perform the operation. When the patient refused, violence followed. According to Chinese media reports, this type of extortion is relatively common in the nation’s private hospitals. It is unclear what procedure was being performed, but the surgeon worked in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology. There is a high likelihood that the patient was there for a cesarean section, as over 50% of babies in China are delivered via that procedure. The nurse who recorded the film announced that, after the noise of the attack, a different surgeon rushed in, kicked out her abusive and indifferent colleagues, and performed the appropriate medical procedure for the patient.

After the release of the video, the city government office of Hohhot announced that the physician in question was actually unlicensed. She, along with the nurse who held down the patient’s arms, has fled the city. There is an outstanding warrant for their arrest. In the meantime, the hospital has been closed temporarily, while all of their procedures and hiring policies are reviewed by government officials.