Erection That Doesn't Seem to End


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A neverending erection is no blessing, it is a serious and harmful disease called priapism. A man suffering from priapism requires immediate medical care.

Priapism is a long-lasting and painful erection that one cannot control. It is not connected with sexual desire or arousal. The cause of an erection that doesn't end is damage to the outflow of blood from the penile veins, i.e. the blood in the penis is trapped and unable to return to the circulation. There may be several causes for this. Priapism can be a result of the tumor in the urethra in cancer patients, or it can be a result of taking specific medications. The problem is caused by two groups of medications - by injections used to treat certain forms of impotence, if men arbitrarily increase the dosage, and by certain medications for depression. It can also be caused by specific diseases that have an impact on blood coagulation, or flexibility and mobility of red blood cells.

If you therefore notice an unusual erection that is accompanied by pain, you have to see a physician immediately. If you keep putting off a visit to a physician, you will be permanently unable to get an erection (yes, we are talking about impotence). There are various methods of treatment, which depend on the cause of the disease. Usually, blood flow is reduced by cold compresses. Arteriography (angiography) is carried out ? an x-ray test to check arteries ? and, if necessary, artery embolization. In extreme cases, a surgery is necessary ? artery ligation. On the other hand, blood flow needs to be released through the penile veins. Blood is aspirated from corpus cavernosum, where it is trapped, and the transmission is established by a biopsy needle or scalpel. Sometimes, shunts are required between corpus cavernosum and the penile veins.

An erection that doesn't seem to end is also caused by poisoning from cantharid, i.e. toxic compound from the ?Spanish Fly? or blistering beetle, the inflammation of the bladder or the urethra, damage to the brain centers and the spinal cord, or it occurs as a side-effect of leukaemia. In rare cases, priapism is also a result of satyriasis. This is the condition of an abnormal increase in sexual drive due to which a man becomes obsessed with sex, a condition which often ends with sexual depravity and injuries to the penis