High Intelligence Is Related to Quality Sperm


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If you are planning to have a child and you're still deciding on whom should be his or her father, you should consider reading this article, so you'll know where to look for quality sperm.

How did researchers reach these findings?
Already in 1985, a study was conducted by the US government called the Vietnam Experience Study, where war veterans were tested in different ways and they had to take the intelligence quotient test, psychological tests, and also had to produce a sample of sperm. These data were used by Rosalind Arden of King’s College, London, and her colleagues. Although the connection between quality sperm and intelligence wasn’t the subject of the study, it was established and was very surprising to everyone. The results showed that the sperm of intelligent men has better quality than the sperm of less intelligent men.

What does "sperm quality" actually mean?
High-quality sperm is normally considered the sperm containing a sufficient number of sperm cells that swim well. Andrologists take even more factors into consideration. The health state of every sperm cell is very important, just as its ability to interact with an egg. The head should have an oval form and a long tail. A man can determine the quality of his sperm to a large extent, but he needs to think in a more negative than positive direction. Tight underwear, long periods of sitting, laptops on your knees, alcohol, illegal drugs, stress, unhealthy diet and many other familiar and unfamiliar factors all affect sperm quality. Owing to a high number of factors, it’s very difficult to assess the influence of the intelligence factor.

Intelligence and quality sperm
Authors of the study don’t claim that intelligence has any influence on sperm quality. They only confirmed that facts are in a certain relation. It seems that intelligent men have quality sperm. Why is that so? Many people blame the genes or evolution. The idea is supported by the fact that a set of genes responsible for sperm quality is somehow linked to a set of genes that affect intelligence, and their combination is genetically more successful in the survival of the fittest. It’s logical why better sperm is more suitable for reproduction and thus survival of the species. However, things aren’t so clear in terms of intelligence. Experts don’t use the general term, intelligence, any more, but several different types of intelligence: emotional, mathematical, etc. Different experts also use different tests. It’s still uncertain whether emotionally intelligent people or the best logicians have better sperm.

This information is particularly important for self-confidence of men as well as for women who seek a partner with whom they can produce a baby. It doesn’t matter whether he is a hairy hunk. Intelligence is the new factor in planning conception.