Learn About the Prostate!


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How much do you really know about the prostate, its functions and the troubles caused by prostate diseases?

About the prostate: The location
The prostate is one of the most important glands in a male body. Prostate diseases are one of the most unpleasant diseases. Additionally, the prostate is of great importance for fertility.

The prostate gland is located just below the bladder and it surrounds the urethra. If you ever have to undergo the examination of your prostate, a physician will feel it through your rectum. It consists of millions of tiny follicle pouches. These follicle pouches produce a special fluid which constitutes a large percentage of semen, that is, 30-40 per cent. The fluid contains various substances; zinc, amino acids, vitamin C, vitamin B12, sulfur, magnesium, calcium, spermine, putrescine, prostaglandins and enzymes. It is the enzymes that play an important role because they prevent sperms to be stuck together into lumps.

About the prostate: Masturbation
During masturbation, you usually notice a drop or two coming from the urethra, when you are appropriately aroused. This is a lubricant secreted by the Cowper?s glands which are located just below the prostate. During ejaculation, the prostate ensures that seminal fluid is not discharged into the bladder and it pushes it forward. If there are problems with the prostate, you will feel it quite quickly: first you feel the pain during urination and the sensation of tension. Inflamed or enlarged prostate presses the urethra, hence hindering the passing of urine. Problems with erection and ejaculation may also arise. The most common signs indicating prostate cancer are: frequent urination (particularly at night), problems at the beginning of urination, weak or discontinued flow of urine, a burning pain during urination, problems with erection, pain in ejaculation, and blood in urine or sperm. If you therefore have similar problems, immediately see a physician.

About the prostate: The health
The best way to maintain healthy prostate is to lead a healthy life, by eating fruits, vegetables, less meat, more nuts, seeds and grain products. Substances in these food reduce the flow of blood into the prostate, swelling and inflammation. Make sure you enter enough vitamins C and E, beta-carotene and zinc into you body. Avoid heavy physical strain if your bladder is full. In addition, try to exercise regularly or practice yoga.