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You may recognize the naturally busty Lexi Lowe from numerous hot lesbian sex videos and solo masturbation videos. Welsh hottie Lexi is now ready to take porn by storm now that she’s shooting hardcore scenes and starring in the upcoming Downton Abbey porn parody, Down On Abbey.

Earlier this week, Lexi Lowe emailed me personally to ask if I would interview her. Unfortunately, when busty babes from the UK contact me, my heart has a tendency to stop beating. But luckily it was only temporary. Once my heart started beating again, I managed sit down with the lovely Lexi Lowe and ask her a few questions.

So enjoy this interview with your favorite porn star, Lexi Lowe!

After 3 years of shooting only Girl-Girl, you’re now shooting Boy-Girl. Did sex with girls become boring?

Lexi: No way! I love sex with girls, but it’s completely different to fucking a guy. I like lesbian sex to be very sensual but when it comes to guys I just want to be thrown around, you can’t compare the two. I was a bit bored of being cast with some gay for pay girls though if i’m honest. At least with guys I know what I’m getting is real.

Gay for Pay Girls? I thought Gay for Pay was something that straight, male pornstars did to make money. So are to believe that you’re not one of them? Are you bisexual?

It definitely applies to girls too.

I am genuinely bisexual, I have never had a full blown relationship with a girl but there has never been a time where girls haven’t been a very big part of my sex life. I lost my virginity to a girl and I used to fantasize about girls from a young age. Attraction is attraction, regardless of gender.

Could you please tell us the story of how you lost your virginity to a girl? I could easily just close my eyes and imagine a young, impressionable Lexi Lowe in Newport, South Wales exploring her sexuality with another sexy young girl at a slumber party…sorry what was I talking about? Oh yeah. I’d rather get the real story from you.

Actually you pretty much just answered your own question, that’s exactly how it went down! I was in my early teens and it was with my best friend from school and she was sleeping over my house. My parents were out and we’d stolen some of their wine and got a bit tipsy, one thing led to another. We spent hours doing it, it was like some sort of revelation, we were both amazed by how good it was!

Hahaha. Wow I can’t believe that’s actually how it happened. I was just using my imagination. So you lost your virginity in your early teens. Did you know then that you wanted to be a pornstar?

No not all all. I always wanted to be a police woman and I did actually work for the police for a while. I was quite shy and quiet growing up, it never crossed my mind that I would get into porn.

Oh cool police woman. So no one should ever attempt to fuck with you because you’re a trained killing machine beneath that sweet exterior?

Haha, not quite!

Whenever I think of the production side of porn, it’s all very LA-centric. If you want to perform in adult movies, you have to be in LA. What was your experience like coming out of Cardiff?

I know what you mean about LA, but I’ve never been to LA myself and I’ve still managed to work with most of the major companies.

There is no porn shot in Cardiff so obviously I have to travel… there aren’t many big production companies in the UK apart from Harmony films and Joybear, Brazzers also has a UK crew based in London.

I just jump on a plane for a couple of hours to Budapest or Prague for work, I’m working in Budapest right now. Budapest is pretty much porn central of Europe and loads of big companies have a European crew based here, girls come from all over Europe to work here.

By my count, you have two Boy-Girl scenes out right now. Full Busty Jacket for Brazzers and the Woodman Casting. They’re both great and everyone should watch them ASAP. But the thing that struck me was how rough the sex in Woodman Casting scene was. I mean, you get slapped in the face a bunch.

Are you a fan of rough sex like that or was it more like you sending a message to casting directors saying, “Look at this. I can pull off some pretty rough sex. Book me for whatever you got”?

It is a huge kink of mine to be completely dominated and I love rough sex. Call me weird but it’s always been a fantasy of mine to have one or more not so “good looking guys” just use me and submit completely to them, a fantasy I’d never got to fulfil until the Woodman casting.

I didn’t know exactly what was going to happen, but I had an idea, you don’t go to a Pierre Woodman casting without expecting some foul play. He definitely had it in for me though since i had refused his advances during my very first casting with him when I was only shooting girl/girl.

I think he was frustrated he couldn’t have me then so I bore the brunt of his pent up frustration during my second casting. That scene was pretty brutal, and everything you see is real.

You see at the beginning I laugh a little when he slaps me for the first time, I always laugh when I’m nervous.

The first slap was pretty hard and came out of nowhere, I knew then what was coming was going to be unlike anything i’d ever done before.

At first it was just me and Pierre, then 2 more guys enter the room and don’t speak a word of English and the three of them literally just throw me around like a ragdoll.

It wasn’t really about sending a message to casting directors, although I do think up until now I had been pigeon holed as a very tame, sensual only, girl/girl performer, it was more about pushing myself.

What other fantasies do you hope to fulfill now that you’re doing hardcore scenes? Like for example if an “ugly man” who wrote a popular sex and porn blog was conducting an interview with you, what would you recommend that “ugly man” do to turn you on?

Does the “ugly man” have tattoos and smell nice?? that would turn me on. If not maybe just make me laugh, or get me drunk. 2-3 Mojitos and I’m anyones.

As far as fantasies guy being dominated and seriously rough sex is really the main one. Is it wrong that I just want to get drilled to kingdom come?

NOT AT ALL. If only more people knew that life is all about getting drilled.

I suppose we should talk about Down On Abbey, the Downton Abbey porn parody. It’s not out until April 1st but it’s already getting tons of hype. Michelle Dockery was on Conan talking about your porn parody! Is it surreal to see one of your movies get such a huge response before anyone’s even seen it?

I have never watched Downton Abbey, I honestly had no idea how huge it is, especially in the States. I play the role of Abby and I have 2 sex scenes. It is a bit crazy seeing it get so much hype, people seem to be really interested in it which can only be a good thing! I just saw the Conan interview with Michelle Dockery today, Jimmy Fallon has talked about it on his show too and Hugh Bonneville mentioned it in an interview. He joked the cast are all going to get together and watch it, I’d love to be a fly on the wall for that.

I’m happy it’s being so talked about, I plan to stick around in this industry for a long time yet so all publicity is good publicity!

April 1st is a long ways away. Are you allowed to tell us about your two sex scenes?

Both of my scenes play out in the dining room. one is a B/G with “Lord Stiffie”, we act out the title of the film on the dining table before fucking like rabbits on the floor and the other a B/B/G with the 2 butlers “Master Bates & Small cock”, other than that you’ll have to wait and see.

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