[Current Affairs] Muslims in Singapore to mark start of Ramadan on Mar 23


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SINGAPORE: Muslims in Singapore will mark the start of the holy month of Ramadan on Thursday (Mar 23).

The holy month begins with a sighting of the new moon based on the Islamic lunar calendar, after which religious authorities will declare the start of Ramadan.

In announcing the date, the Mufti of Singapore noted that according to astronomical calculations, the crescent for the month of Ramadan appeared after sunset on Wednesday evening for 38 minutes.

"As such, I am pleased to declare that the first day of fasting for the month of Ramadan falls tomorrow, Thursday, Mar 23, 2023."

The Mufti, Dr Nazirudin Mohd Nasir, wished all Muslims in Singapore a blessed Ramadan.

"I wish everyone a blessed Ramadan, a month of great blessings, forgiveness, empathy, patience and gratitude," he said.

"May God grant us peace and faith as we welcome this month, with protection and guidance, and for our deeds to be accepted."