[Enquiry] School Swimsuit Sling Bikini Navy - Slutty schoolgirl swimming costume


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Make a splash with the School Swimsuit Sling Bikini Navy, a sexy twist on the navy-blue swimsuits worn by legions of high school girls across Japan. Perfect for seducing your senpai or wearing to a bubble party and even spring break, this swimming costume leaves the bare minimum to the imagination by covering your breasts and crotch only with thin strips of fabric. There's plenty of skin left exposed, allowing your partner to get you in the mood with gently caresses, without you needing to get fully naked until you are proper and ready for the full action.

The School Swimsuit Sling Bikini Navy features:

  • Includes: sling bikini swimsuit
  • Color: navy
  • Size: ladies' M
  • Model height: 155 cm (5'1")
  • Model measurements: B87-W55-H85 cm (34-22-34")
US$ 25.00(Excluding shipping & tax)