Sex after breast cancer


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How does breast cancer affects your sex life? How does it change, and how can you have thrilling sex life again?

Emotional consequences of breast cancer
Breast cancer is a traumatic experience. Similar to any sudden catastrophe, cancer has a long-lasting influence on people. The person?s life is shattered and picking up the pieces is a long term process.

The breasts of a woman are a very erogenous zone as well as a source of female self-confidence and attraction. For that reason, breast cancer can have devastating consequences for the emotional side long after its treatment. Although breast cancer is generally connected with women (?female cancer?), about one per cent of men develop breast cancer.

Breast cancer affects all areas of life. Along with physical changes, patients also experience emotional and psychological changes. Re-establishment of an intimate relationship requires time, patience, perseverance, creativity, the ability to express emotions and good communication.

Sex life influenced by breast cancer
After breast cancer surgery, a lot of women said that they did not feel as women any more. The operation can change your body in several aspects, especially in case of mastectomy, when surgeons decide to remove a whole breast. As a part of treatment, some drugs may increase body weight.

However, all the changes are not so evident. One of the side effects of treatment is a changed level of the hormone oestrogen. Women experience a decline in libido, which is additionally caused by constant nausea and fatigue. The vagina is not as wet as it used to be. The breasts are less sensitive because certain nerves and tissue are removed.

Most changes are the result of the side effects of drugs. Hormone therapy can also be a part of treatment, and it is generally used for patients who developed cancer metastases. Some drugs can trigger menopause. Sex life is also affected by muscle pain and stiffness in joints.

How to avoid cancer problems which affect your sex life?
Both partners in a relationship are affected. Your partner is also frightened and he feels lost. You should encourage your partner to be honest and frank and to talk to you about any burdens he carry. If it is difficult to make conversation, try other ways to express your emotions. It is important that your partner?s views are positive because you will also start accepting yourself through his eyes. His first reaction is the most significant because you will always remember it and it will dictate your future possibilities.

A study conducted by the University of San Francisco showed that a lot of women mostly deal with the partner?s emotions because either they are afraid of rejection, or they do not want to deal with their own emotions. Of course, it is important to take your partner?s emotions into consideration but not on the account of neglecting your own emotions. Many women do not restore their sex life because they use inappropriate ways. For most women, it is very difficult to ask their partners whether they are still attractive to them.

The partners want to protect each other from disappointment. However, if you avoid problems, it only makes them more serious. Sexual relations and emotional support have an important, positive influence on recovery.

Unfortunately, most people are not mind readers. It is therefore important that you start expressing your emotions clearly and aloud.

Although your breasts are unique, try to substitute them with another action when you have sexual intercourse. Find out which part of the body both of you like, and it provides you thrills.

The sense of security and trust is one of the first steps. It also helps if you restore romantic emotions.