Stronger and Longer Erection with the Deer Exercise


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We present a piece of eastern knowledge - the deer exercise, which will be very useful for men.

The deer exercise means effective and very simple training, which heals or strengthens the prostate, prevents uncontrolled ejaculation of sperm or premature ejaculation (the exercise enables us to completely control it), improves one's sexual function (it eventually heals impotence and strengthens erection), revitalizes the organism and enables you to feel a powerful and long (as much as you want) orgasm, which is much stronger and longer than the usual emptying of life force and the nutrients in semen through ejaculation.

The DEER exercise
The deer exercise is, in any case, beneficial to the health of an individual, no matter if he decides for the so-called ejaculation reflex or inner fluctuation - the ecstasy of sexual energy achieved with a partner.

How do we perform the deer exercise?
Besides strengthening the prostate, revitalizing the endocrine system etc., the deer exercise also strengthens the organism?s natural resistance. A man accumulates life force or revitalizes the organism by training his anal muscles or by lifting and squeezing the inner and outer rings of the anal muscles and the anus, maintaining the gentle squeezing for a few seconds (together with breathing in or holding it) and completely relaxing the anal contractions when breathing out.

Anal and rhythmical contractions help you pump the life force and nutrients back into the bloodstream, or in other words, the prostate is no longer burdened. 2-5 minutes of anal muscular contractions is enough for this.

Hygiene comes first
Of course, you have to maintain the hygiene of the anus by regularly washing it on the inside (prevention from prostate or vaginal infections by the coli bacteria). You have to regularly wash your sexual organ and take showers regularly. You have to wash the vagina with a solution of water and homemade apple cider vinegar ? this is a prevention of and treatment for vaginal infections.

Squeezing against haemorrhoids
By squeezing the anus and keeping it clean, haemorrhoids are treated. A man who?s good at squeezing his anus (the capability to stop urinating simply with an anal contraction) is good at sexual intercourse and can take his partner to such levels of prolonged sexual ecstasy which she never dreamed possible. So how to perform the deer exercise?

First stage
The first stage of the deer exercise requires us to warm up our hands by rubbing them against one another; then we grab or cover the testicles with one hand, while the other hand massages the lower part of the stomach (two to three fingers below the bellybutton) in circular motions 81 times. We then repeat the exercise by warming up and exchanging the hands and repeat the exercise in the opposite direction (accumulation and production of vital energy in the lower part of the stomach, production of semen).

Second stage
The second stage of the deer exercise is rhythmical squeezing, relaxed and unstrained holding of the squeeze and releasing the anal muscles. The squeezing is successful when (we intentionally repeat this) the experienced person is able to stop urinating with anal muscular contractions (indirect stimulation and massage of the prostate). The exercise has to be performed without effort and by mentally focusing only on the inner sensations in the area of the muscular contractions. The other parts of the body should be totally relaxed during the deer exercise (especially the head, lungs and heart).

The mind is completely empty with an experienced person (that total emptiness from all unwanted psychological content, which is released through a person, so that this person no longer has to worry about it). The deer exercise is an excellent way to treat problem with the prostate. It?s also great prevention for female medical problems!