The Problem with Jelqing


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One of the biggest problems with jelqing, which is rarely addressed is: the boredom factor. The main reason guys don't get results with the jelqing exercise is that they are not consistent. And the reason they are not consistent is due to boredom. Jelqing can indeed be a repetitive and very boring experience, much like other forms of exercise such as walking on a treadmill for your cardiovascular workout. The treadmill can get very old, very quick. That's why you will see some trainees use tactics like switching up their environment for walking, utilizing music to make the time go by smoother, and occasionally reward themselves at the end of their workout by doing something unique. Let's look at these three tactics to stave off exercise boredom and see how we can apply them to the jelq exercise.

The following jelqing techniques can nip the common problem of boredom in the bud and allow you to actively engage in your exercising experience; thus allowing you to do the work which will eventually lead to an increase in penis size.

1. Shower Jelqs. This can be a great way to exercise. Many men never realize that they can actually perform their jelqs in the shower. This makes it very convenient and enjoyable. Plus the time goes by a lot faster. First, you are able to do your warm ups in the shower by simply getting the water hot, aiming it towards the penis so that blood flow is increased as you get in that semi erection position. Next, you aim the water away from the penis, apply some lubrication and begin jelqing. The shower will continue to run allowing you to have a soothing shower experience while exercising! Finally, it becomes very convenient to perform your warm down and also wash all the lubrication off.

2. Music Jelqs. This is another great technique that does not get mentioned enough when it comes to important jelqing techniques to combat boredom. Now days with earphones, ipods, and online music playing options, listening to your tunes while you jelq is an excellent way to make the time go by. You can literally zone out to 5 or 6 songs and before you know it your exercises will be over. This is such an important technique to use as it really does successfully combat boredom by keeping the trainee mentally engaged. While you can blast your tunes through speakers, using earphones or ear buds are really best. You eliminate all other sound and become much more focused.

3. Masturbation Jelqs. You generally want to avoid masturbating after you perform your jelqing, but occasionally this can be okay, and even beneficial. This can provide an excellent motivator to complete your exercising. We all have "one of those days" where taking time out to exercise can seem like too much of a hassle. We need a special motivator to get through days like these. When it comes to jelqing, save a masturbation jelq for these days. Only perform this after you've completed your sets and reps. And remember, only save this for days where you know you need to get a jelq session in, but your motivation is extremely low. You don't want to make this a habit.