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Google Map AR Can Now Be Accessed By All Android Phones

Google announced that the new feature that had originally worked for several types of mobile phones. Starting today can be accessed by all smartphones.

Reported by www.9to5google.com , this new Google feature gives its users really good, clear, and concise visual cues where to go. This will be very helpful for travel in unknown environments and cities.

Google says, although it’s nothing new. a full-featured launch for all Pixel devices will be welcomed because the ability to run walking directions right from with Maps and get a better understanding of where to go is really this feature.

To use this new feature, users only need to use the “Start AR” option from the direction while inside Google Maps. Then it has to do a quick calibration and the user will see a 3D arrow on the screen and further visual cues to help reach the destination.

However users of the AR feature are reminded that battery life will decrease if using AR walking directions extensively or continuously for a long time when needing to navigate a new city.


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