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Centre For Health Protection: 16 Cases Dengue And Chikungunya Virus In Hong Kong Imported From Indonesia Thailand And Malaysia

The Center for Health Protection (CHP) from the Ministry of Health on Friday reported a number of recent dengue fever (DF) and chikungunya (CF)...


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Countries To Block Black Market Phones That Do Not Have IMEI

Three government agencies, namely the Ministry of Industry, the Ministry of Information Communication and the Ministry of Trade will issue a joint regulation on...


Rosdiana Abdul Rahim, Singaporean, might be charge with an 8 years prison sentence for mistreating migrant workers

A female employer in Singapore, Rosdiana Abdul Rahim (31) was tried on seven counts of sexual abuse and harassment of a migrant domestic worker...

Sushi In 2020 Is More Likely To Contain Mercury And Parasites

The Center for Food Safety of Hong Kong received reports that mercury was found in tuna which is used in Sushi food sold by...

Facebook Launches New Features for WhatsApp

Facebook changes the privacy settings on its WhatsApp messaging application, to allow its users to decide who can add them to the chat group...

Black Hole Photo Released For The First Time

Astronomers have taken the first photo of a black hole or black hole and released details of the historic event in the Astrophysical Journal...

Opinion: What really matters?

I Often wonder whether any-one can beat my father's record of letter writing. When I was studying in Edinburgh and London and desperately homesick...
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Hong Kong is an international city with a very diverse population. Therefore, this city that is famous for its views of skyscrapers not only...


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Best test

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