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Hong Kong Consumer Council Calls For The Recall Of Unsecured Extension Sockets

The Consumer Board has issued a warning about using an extension socket with a USB charging port. Because only two of the 15 products recently tested that fully meet safety requirements and one model is so bad that everyone should immediately stop using it on Wednesday.

Reported by RTHK, the Board noted on Wednesday that extension socket types are becoming more widely used today, because almost everyone is looking for easy ways to charge their mobile devices. But after finding that 13 of the 15 models tested failed to fully meet safety requirements, the council called on manufacturers to take immediate action to ensure their products are safe before launch.

Nora Tam, who chairs the research and testing committee of the council, said one model of the Chinese brand LDNIO failed to meet legal safety requirements, prompting the Department of Electrical and Mechanical Services to intervene.

The council said they found that some socket models or processor cradle places on the motherboard were not made good enough to protect users against electric shock, or to last a long time or use continuously. But Tam noted that the tests did not reflect daily socket use, because they were only designed to see where the risks were. Tam said if people use sockets carefully – for example, by ensuring they are not overloaded, near water or in humid areas – they should remain safe.


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