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Hong Kong Post Will Launch Special Edition Stamps, “Our Police”

The Hong Kong Post Office will launch a special edition philatelic product with the theme “Our Police Force” on the 30th of this month, Friday (12i’4l2019).

Reported by the Hong Kong News Department, to commemorate the establishment of Hong Kong’s first Police Station in 1844, which means that this year is 175 years old, the Hong Kong Post deliberately issued a set of special stamps and related philatelic products titled “Our Police Force”.

According to the Hong Kong Post, they launched philately products to make people have a better understanding of the police. The Hong Kong Post has also issued a set of six special stamps and a postage stamp showing the work of the Police in various fields. The seven stamps cover a variety of themes, namely border defense, crime detection, multiculturalism, and equal opportunities, training in international cooperation, traffic control, and situations where police officers are carrying out their duties.

In addition, the Hong Kong Post has also designed a number of mobile games for the special edition issuing special stamps “Our Police”. It is hoped that people will be able to use the “Hong Kong Post Stamps” mobile app to scan six stamps specifically designed to understand police work through small games installed on each stamp.

This game also helps customers increase awareness of crime, such as online fraud.


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