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Is FaceApp Dangerous And A Danger To Your Privacy?

The application to convert a face photo into old age (FaceApp) has returned to viral on social media. Netizens in various parts of the world, including Indonesia, are using smartphones to join the #AgeChallenge challenge.

ln the FaceApp application there are several effects available, one of which is favored is the effect to change the face to look older than actual age.

Although it sounds exciting when seeing and knowing faces in the future, users must be more careful in using this application. Because it turns out FaceApp can just distribute, save, and even sell user photos for commercial purposes even though the photo has been deleted by the owner. This possibility has been stated in the agreement and terms of use of the FaceApp application.

In the “user content” section, FaceApp says, “You own all content rights. Furthermore, FaceApp does not claim ownership of user content posted via services. “

The section is usually rarely read because users tend to rush to press the“agree” button. The sentence does sound as if FaceApp protects the user’s content. However, it should be noted that the sentence is written at the beginning of the provisions.

“Except for the license that you provide below” In the next section, FaceApp explains that the intended license is nothing but a full approval license and cannot be canceled.

Here’s an excerpt:

“You are giving FaceApp a permanent, irrevocable, non-exclusive, royalty-free, fully paid license to reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, create derivative works, distribute, display the work in public, and display your content. With any name, username or form provided in all media formats and channels, without compensation to you. By using this service, you agree that user-owned content can be used for commercial purposes. You further acknowledge that the use of content for commercial purposes Face!-\pp will not harm you or the person you are authorized to act on behalf of. “Referring to the statement, in other words when a user uses the FaceApp app, he or she will completely surrender the rights to the photos created through the application to the developer.

Then, after having full rights to the user’s photo, FaceApp has the right to do anything with the material, including distributing it and using it for commercial purposes without the need to ask permission or provide compensation to you. Not finished there. FaceApp can also keep photos on the server even if you have deleted them from your phone.

The FaceApp developer argued that it was done to fulfill certain “legal obligations”, but it was not explained what legal obligations and in which country was intended.


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