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New Rules and Governance for Migrant Workers in Hong Kong

Migrant domestic workers, the majority of whom leave their homes on Sundays on the whole, appear to comply with the government’s prohibition against gathering in public places for more than four people on Sunday (5f4f2t]20).

The number of migrant domestic workers who gather on the crossing bridge in Mong Kok is less than usual. Most domestic workers in the area claimed to have heard of new regulations regarding the Covid-19 outbreak, either through media reports, or directly from their employers.

According to the monitoring results of the Post Migrants, most migrant domestic workers who are on holiday already wear masks and maintain social distance. Although a few others still don’t seem to care.

Reported by RTHK, several advocacy groups, including the International Migrant Alliance, the Asian Migration Coordinating Board, and the Labor Party, toured at various points in the Hong Kong region to distribute information pamphlets, masks and hand sanitizers to migrant domestic workers, and ensure that migrant domestic workers understand regulations and don’t violate them.

Erwiana Sulistyaningsih, who was seen sharing the sanitizer with her group, said that some ‘bad employers‘ exploited the corona virus crisis, by making workers work too hard or forbidding their domestic workers to go on holiday outside the home.

Erwiana hopes that migrant domestic workers will defend themselves, saying they must ask their employers to provide face masks and hand sanitizers. “lt is your right to get health protection from the employer. You can ask for your day off and tell your employer that you can look after yourself even when outside the home. “

In some places, seen Department of Labor, Police and Immigration Department officials patrolling and distributing pamphlets in crowded areas, warning that public gatherings of more than four people are prohibited, and will be punished with a HK $ 25,000 fine and 6 months in prison.

Eni Lestari from the International Migrant Alliance said that the government must do more than just effort to socialize regulations, for example by following the example of their activities by distributing masks.

“l think it’s important for the Hong Kong government to look after 400,000 Migrant Domestic Workers in this city. We are carers at home, if we are healthy, the whole family will be healthy. If we are treated well, the whole family will also be grateful to the Hong Kong government, “Eni Lestari said.

Eni hopes that the government will not leave migrant domestic workers during this crisis, and she asks employers to ensure that they provide adequate protection for their workers.


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