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Rosdiana Abdul Rahim, Singaporean, might be charge with an 8 years prison sentence for mistreating migrant workers

A female employer in Singapore, Rosdiana Abdul Rahim (31) was tried on seven counts of sexual abuse and harassment of a migrant domestic worker from Lampung, Indonesia, named Mayang Sari (21).

Quoted from Today Online, besides being charged with Rosdiana kicking Mayang‘s genitals, he was also charged with other physical harassment, including forcing Mayang to take a shower in front of him because the domestic worker smelled.

At the beginning of the trial on Thursday (2f4), Mayang gave testimony stating that Rosdiana forced her to dress in front of an open window and foreigners outside could see it.

Among other allegations, Rosdiana was also accused of physical abuse against Mayang by pinning her breasts, and pinning the victim’s wrists on the door of the wardrobe.

Besides Rosdiana also poured powder into Mayang’s face, and caused some powder into his eyes and cause pain.

On Thursday, Rosdiana stated she did not feel guilty for the seven charges, all of which relate to her alleged mistreatment between September and December 2017 in a condo, where she lives with her husband and two five-year-old twins at that time.

Another charge stated that Rosdiana did not give Mayang adequate rest every day and threatened to harm the family of the victim living in Lampung, on the island of Sumatra. Indonesia.

One indictment stated that Rosdiana pulled Mayang’s shirt and bra hooks until one of the buttons and bra was also removed. Mayang was the first witness to testify during the trial on Thursday (2f4). While Rosdiana has not yet submitted his defense. Mayang told the court that Rosdiana, who works in the event industry, was her first employer in Singapore.

Mayang worked for Rosdiana for two months and 15 days without pay, even though the agreed salary was S $ 600 a month.

While working, Mayang was told to sleep beside the toilet without blankets or pillows. Mayang had brought batik cloth from Indonesia as a blanket, but Rosdiana had discarded it saying the batik was “smelly“.

Mayang also said that her employer forced her to take a shower in front of him in November 2017 because Rosdiana “did not believe “that she showered every day.

To the court, speaking in Indonesian through an interpreter. Mayang told me that Rosdiana pushed her into the bathroom in the main bedroom of the house, spraying water all over her body with her remaining clothes and pouring “lots of shampoo” on her head. Before telling him to take off all his wet clothes.

“l let go, and cried in the shower,” Mayang said while holding back tears while testifying. When Mayang tried to rinse the shampoo that day, Rosdiana’s husband happened to walk into the bedroom looking for something so he tried to cover himself.

After bathing, Rosdiana told him to change clothes outside the bathroom. While Rosdiana‘s husband in the living room, is in a position where he can see the naked Mayang.

A few weeks later, Rosdiana became very angry after learning that Mayang had eaten instant noodles, half of which was given to her child. Rosdiana tried to tear Mayang’s clothes in front of Rosdiana’s sister, children and their grandmother. Nobody said anything or defended as long as Mayang was harassed by Rosdiana.

“He managed to pull my bra and try to make Me naked,” Mayang added, remembering that he ate the noodles because he was only given four small biscuits for breakfast at the time. As a result of the incident, one of the hooks in her bra was released.

On another occasion, Rosdiana bullied Mayang by saying she looked “ugly” and put powder (as much as possible) “on Mayang‘s face until her eyes hurt. When Mayang tried to remove the powder, Rosdiana threatened to harm Mayang‘s family in Indonesia.

“He said, if you remove the powder on your face, your parents will not be there for you when you return. I worry that he might really kill my parents, “Mayang said at the trial.

With the powder still on their faces, they then went to a hotel, where Rosdiana who worked in the event and decoration business and her family would stay for three days.

Mayang was not allowed to bring extra clothes with him to stay at the hotel for those three days. After they returned from the hotel, Rosdiana complained that her underwear and clothes smelled bad. Then kick the victim in the groin twice after tearing his shirt from the collar.

Mayang tried to protect herself from the eyes of Rosdiana’s husband, who was nearby at the time. But the employer pinched her breasts sambal said that her breasts were so small that her husband would not be interested.

violence continues when Mayang will take a change of clothes from the closet. Rosdiana banged on the closet door, knowing that her hand was still inside the cupboard. Mayang was sent back to the agency a day later, where Mayang was first scolded by the agency worker at the agency before he could explain that he had been harassed. The agency then referred him to the police station to file a report.

Rosdiana was represented by lawyers Dhillon Surinder Singh and Suppiah Krishnamurthi, Deputy Attorney General Angela Ang, are stepping up cases for prosecution.

If proven to insult Mayang’s pride, Rosdiana will face a sentence of one and a half years in prison, a fine, or both. For a criminal act against a worker without major provocation, he could face up to an additional three months in jail, a fine of up to S $ 1,500, or both.

Poor treatment of workers by pouring powders on the face is an action contrary to the provisions of the Foreign Workers Employment Act 2012, a one-year prison tem1 of imprisonment, a fine of up to S $ 10,000, or both.

If found guilty of threatening to endanger the Mayang family, the sentence can be extended to two years in prison, involving fines, or both.

If convicted again for voluntarily injuring Mayang – pinching her breasts, kicking her in the groin and pinning her arms to the closet door, Rosdiana will face three years in prison, fines of up to S $ 7,500, or both.

Penalties for not giving their migrant domestic workers adequate rest may be subject to one year imprisonment, fines of up to S $ 10,000, or both.

Penalties for not giving their migrant domestic workers adequate rest may be subject to one year imprisonment, fines of up to S $ 10,000, or both.


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