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Strike. SNCF, RATP, planes. What are the forecasts for Sunday and Monday?

Trains, metro, buses, planes … Traffic will still be very disturbed this Sunday 8 and Monday, December 9, due to the strike against the pension reform.

The mobilization on pensions settles in the long term to try to bend the government, with very disrupted public transport this Sunday 8 and Monday, December 9.

On the side of the SNCF, only 1 TGV on six average will roll this weekend. On TER lines, only 2 out of 10 trains will be on Sunday, December 8. The trips will be mainly by bus. In the Paris region, the SNCF circulates 15% of Transilien (RER, SNCF and suburban trains) on average this weekend.

The SNCF recommends to users to avoid the Transilien Monday, the expected affluence in the stations of Ile-de-France announcing “very dangerous” for the safety of travellers.

International traffic will see little improvement, with 3 Eurostars on 5 Sundays, 2 Thalys out of 3 all weekend, and drop-and-drop connections between Paris and Switzerland (Lyria), Italy (SVI), Spain (Ellipros) and Germany (Allen).
Traffic still very disturbed in Île-de-France.

RATP predicts traffic is still “extremely disrupted”, with even 14 out of 16 metro lines closed on Sunday and 10 Monday due to the strike against pension reform, she said Saturday.

The traffic will be “normal” Sunday and Monday on the automatic lines 1 and 14 of the metro, the Orlyval line serving the Orly airport, as well as the Orlybus and Roissybus bus lines, said the RATP in a statement. On Sunday, the RER A will be “closed all day”, while the RER B traffic will be “very strongly disturbed”. On the other hand, half of the buses and two trams on three, “on average”, will circulate Sunday.
Possible air disturbances, but nothing specific

Regarding air traffic, no information has yet been communicated concerning the day of Sunday, December 8. For this Saturday, December 7, the DGAC, Directorate General of Civil Aviation, did not ask airlines to reduce their flight program. However, it had still told users that disturbances and delays were nevertheless possible.

Several airports, including those in Paris and Lyon, advise users to contact their airline or travel agent directly before travelling to the airport.

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