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Zoom, A Corona Virus Solution For Everyone Working From Home

The corona virus epidemic is sweeping the world everyone seize the opportunity to gather online.

However, like other people who work from home, we all can actually still gather, face to face, huddle, miss and serious discussions using the Zoom application to conduct remote video conferencing.

Zoom up to now has become the choice of many people because it can provide up to 100 people with a video call service. Even though there are actually many applications that can provide video call services such as Google Hangouts and Blue Jeans but not as many as Zoom users.

Zoom is not only used for computers but can also be installed on mobile phones. The difference with a computer, Zoom on mobile phones is simpler and relatively easy to use. Moreover, the main tabs (Meet 8. Chat, Meetings, Contacts, and Settings) are placed below. By gathering at Zoom, besides being able to gather and not be lonely, we are also safe from the bondage of law due to the prohibition of gathering more than 4 people in public places until the ban does not apply.


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